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Restaurante Vinicius

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About us, who are we?

Our restaurant was founded in 1975 and since opening is run by family Comas Perelló, native from Muro, Mallorca.
It was initially calledVenezia, but in 1999, for patent reasons we changed our name. Although we are mallorquins, we decided on the name VINICIUS which comes from Brazil. Today we are two brothers, Tony and Pep, who manage the restaurant.
Our cuisine is international and we are renowned for our meat, fresh fish, paellas, pizzas, pastas and homemade desserts.
We prepare typical Mallorquin food on request. We encourage you to try our paellas, sucking pig, tumbets (
potatoes and vegetables with meat in a tomato sauce), Mallorquin soups and Mallorquin fritos (fried meat or seafood with vegetables and potatoes), snails, baked hake with potatoes and vegetables, etc.
We have large sunny terraces where you can taste our delicious cocktails, which in winter become enclosed terraces with pyramid shaped gas fired heaters. 
Our aim is to keep our customers happy and satisfied and above all we want to create a leasting memory of your visit.